Saturday, 9 July 2016


Bath and North East Somerset is now leading the way in putting defibrulator cabinets out into the community. This started over two years ago when customers at the Volunteer Rifleman decided to raise money for a case in the public area following a medical emergency that would have benefitted by having a cabinet to hand. In addition we are working with a charity and with Councillors using their ward initiative funding to ensure these cabinets are widely distributed across our area. As your local councillors we have decided to use some of our money to help with the installation of two cabinets in Southdown. After looking at several locations and looking into permissions from the landowners and a commitment to the electricity supply that is needed by the cabinet we are delighted that Tesco in Englishcombe Lane and St Barnabas Church by the Roundhill both agreed to the installations. The Tesco one was installed several weeks ago and the one this week.

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