Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Tories bringing back AVON

The Tories are again messing with local Governement and after scraping Avon in 1995 are now bringing it back in a new guise. This time with just one elected person for the whole area.

First email of concern from a Southdown household.

Dear Dine and Paul

Just expressing our opinion.

Neither of us wishes to see our City controlled by an 'Avon' Mayor.  As a city we have just voted against a Mayor.  The future of Bath should not be dictated by a remotely placed 'individual' as there always needs to be a wider debate on issues affecting the city involving residents (although our politicians and planners are not listening to us at the moment and need to start doing so).  Our Council Taxes are already stretched with a lot of services being overlooked, just one of those is the neglect with regard to trees in public areas where pruning and caring has been abandoned, e.g. Turning into Hillcrest Drive just below the store in Southdown Road.  (This does not happen in the city centre but, as usual, does affect many urban areas of the city.)

It's another wage to cover from local taxes along with wages and expenses associated with the support team etc., which will run into millions.  This outlay in itself is going to impose a high annual cost and past experience has shown that it will be an ever increasing drain financially on meetings, travelling, expenses, training, team building etc.  We don't need the Avon Mayor. (Why are we still bounding the word 'Avon' around when 'Avon' was disbanded years ago?). We just need our 25% share of the £30 Million (£7.5 million) and the discretion of our local elected representatives along with genuine consultation with Council Tax Payers to spend the money wisely, where it is needed (and not just in the city centre for tourists and students).  

The cost of an Avon Mayor/Metro Mayor (Metro suggests Metropolitan!) would absorb a large part of the £7.5 million that might be allocated to each region.  It is time to be prudent and thrifty and not just create 'jobs for the boys/girls'.  No doubt George has already got a name in the hat?  

This idea removes control of our city out of the hands of local representatives and residents and is not a democratic way to 'rule'.  It is almost, dare I say it, dictatorial.

Best wishes

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