Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Parry Close

Dine Romero has asked for street light no 6 (nearest house 70  Parry Close) to be switched off during the daytime.

also on this subject Dine has sent the following in to the street lighting team

I wondered if I could raise a couple of new points with you? While Parry Close has, relatively, new lights, not all the street lights were replaced. There are now 3 different types of street lights at the end of the cul de sacs, which light the footpath running from Elliston Drive, Langdon Road, Parry Close and through to Blackmore Drive. Would you put these on the list to be replaced, as they are clearly being missed?
And secondly, would you let me know if it is possible to have a street light at the junction between Blackmore Drive and Parry Close? By 116 Blackmore Drive?
If any of the above is unclear then please let me know, and we could meet on site. 

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