Thursday, 27 March 2014


Following our call round to households in Rowacres we fiollowed up with this letter to residents.

Councillor Paul Crossley
Orchard Rise, Sham Castle Lane,
Bath. BA2 6JL
Tel: 07718 632959

Councillor Dine Romero
67 Englishcombe Lane,
Bath.  BA2 2EE
Tel: 07900 276613

27th March 2014



We called around recently to talk about Council services and neighbourhood issues.  If we missed you we left a calling card with our details on so please feel free to contact us.

Where individual concerns have been raised we are dealing with those privately.  However a few key messages that came out of the session were:-

1.         You are pleased that for the third year in a row we have not raised Council Tax.
2.         You are generally pleased with the waste and recycling service though concerns were raised about the removal of leaf mould last autumn.
3.         You are concerned about the cost of using the bus but are pleased that the bus stops are being improved and there is a general ask to see more bus shelters.
4.         There was a request for more play equipment in some of the local play areas.
5.         Concern about the need for a police station in Bath.

On the bus price issue please return the survey if you have not already done so as the more responses we have the stronger will be our case with the bus operators.

On bus stops – we have nearly reached agreement on the option for the new shelter and location along Englishcombe Lane at the intersection with the footpath to Belmore Gardens.

On play equipment – we will see if there is any play equipment budget left and try to get some more items locally.

On police stations – the police are looking to change from the Manvers Street office but are committed to retaining a significant City Centre presence and we will keep people updated as information becomes available through our web page

We have attached our email and phone details above.  Please contact us if you have other issues you wish to raise with us.

Yours sincerely,

Councillors Paul Crossley and Dine Romero
Southdown Ward

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