Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Some comments back from the July Community enews

From Karen


I would like to put an idea forward for a zebra crossing just above the entrance to tescos across Englishcombe lane as a number of children cross here after tuck shopping or on way home from Culverhay school in order to get to Southdown road. I think that it is a dangerous part of a busy road
Thanks very much

Answer from Dine - We are supporting calls for a crossing here 

From Chloe

Thanks for the update!

I had some feed back and some things that I have been meaning to raise with you, I'll deal with the issues to raise first.

1. Foot path in Roundhill park.

The path through from Whiteway rd to Mount road is very un-even and during winter months muddy.
A fair while ago I submitted a report through the banes site and asked for feedback but have heard nothing. I suspect that the path falls between departments (Parks and pavements?) and probably comes quite low down on the spending priority list. However, my elderly nextdoor neighbour uses this path and it is important for her to get through to the shops at Mount Rd. I was upset to leant that she had fallen on this path and had to crawl along as she was unable to get up. It was only when two people came along and were able to help that she could get back on her feet. I use the path with a pushchair and find the slope at one point really tricky (but I can manage this!)

2. Speeding cars along Whiteway Rd.

Now that the speed camera on Whiteway Rd is no longer in use we've noticed an increase in really fast drivers going along the road and over taking slower cars in a dangerous way. This is epecially from say 10pm onwards.

3. New Houses on Whiteway

I'm not really sure what you can do but we are concerned that the houses where the jubilee used to be are not selling and we're not sure what will happen if they cannot be be sold.

So now for feedback!
The new crossing at the junction between Englishcombe Lane and Southdown road is great and makes a real difference to me, thank you so much!

We are also thrilled that the road surface along Whiteway Rd is going to be re-done at last, well worth the inconvenience of the works. The noise and vibration level from large vehicles has got very bad and I think a large part of this is due to the uneveness of the surface. We look forward to the Zebra crossing being installed too.

all the best

Answer from Dine -
Thank you for contacting us.

I spoke to Highways and Parks about this path several months ago and was assured that parts that had collapsed would be dealt with shortly. Obviously this time frame has passed so I will check when this work will be done.

I will see what measures can be put in place of the speed camera, I would expect the proposed zebra crossing to help but perhaps this camera could be reactivated.

I think at least 3 if the houses have been sold, I will check with the agent to see how actively they are currently marketing these, I haven't noticed them in the press recently. Perhaps they could be rented?

Thank you very much for the positive feedback too!

Best wishes


Update from Paul - the police authority would like to see speed cameras back in operation but is currently not providing the funding for the camera. It is not provided for in the Council budget either and so will not be happening in the near future.

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