Friday, 5 April 2013

Hillcrest Drive letter 4 April

Councillor Paul Crossley
Orchard Rise, Sham Castle Lane,
Bath. BA2 6JL
Tel: 07718 632959

Councillor Dine Romero
67 Englishcombe Lane,
Bath.  BA2 2EE
Tel: 07900 276613

4th April 2013

Dear ,

Over the last two weeks we have been knocking on doors in Hillcrest Drive and talking to many of you.  We have now called on over half the houses and will be calling on the rest next week – weather permitting.  If we missed you then you have a calling card with our contact details on.  We were asking residents about how they felt about Council services and if there were any particular local issues.  If you raised an individual matter with us then we are following that up.

However, we thought we would feed back some of the general points you raised on the doorstep with us.

1.    You are pleased that for a second year the Council has not raised Council Tax but at the same time has protected services you use such as libraries.
2.    You are pleased with the extension to our recycling waste collection service to allow the collection of small electrical items that we recently introduced.  Several people wanted reassurance that the items they separate are genuinely recycled and you can read how to recycle and where all the waste streams are recycled at this link :-  If you do not own a computer please telephone either of us and we will deliver a leaflet explaining the recycling system to you should you wish to find out more.
3.    There was concern raised about the leisure policy of the Council.  We will shortly be consulting on a leisure strategy but can we assure you nothing is being closed down.  It may well be that the facility at Bath Community Academy (formerly Culverhay) is operated by the school rather than Aquaterra in the future.  It will, however, remain available for the public to use.
4.    Several residents asked for more grit bins and the two locations mentioned were at the top of the steps to Ivy Grove and in the layby by the field entrance.  We are investigating the possibility of changing the Council policy on grit bins which at present is very restrictive.  This will require us to change priorities as we do not wish to raise taxes to solve this request.  If you would be interested in setting up a Hillcrest Drive snow warden scheme for next winter please contact either of us and we can call round and explain how this scheme works and what is involved.
5.    A few people also asked us for more litter bins – especially at bus stops.
6.    On traffic issues you are pleased that we are addressing the junction of Englishcombe Lane and Southdown Road to make it safer but there was a demand for a crossing at Tesco to make the road safer for pedestrians.  The capital project list for highways does have within it the need for a crossing at Tesco but as of the moment it is not on the plan for the current financial year.  When next year’s plan is drawn up it will be evaluated against all other similar crossing requests.  We will be pushing this as an important local priority.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Crossley                       Dine Romero
Liberal Democrat Councillors for Southdown

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