Thursday, 14 February 2013

Rosewarn Field

We have asked Curo to clear up the several flytip sites in Rosewarn field at the small playarea end of Rosewarn Close.


  1. Maybe a community clear up would be more appropriate. Involving the local community would make them respect the area they live in... For many years that field has been a nightmare for fly tipping, I have in the past helped & organised community litter picks & community bulk collection days.. It's about time something was done with the field area maybe more housing or turn it into a better used area that would combat a lot of the anti social behaviour and fly tipping!
    Baz Harding

  2. Hi Baz
    thanks for your comment. Dine and I are meeting the new Curo Neighbourhood manager soon and the top topic we have to discuss is Rosewarn Field.