Sunday, 3 February 2013

February Surgery

The non-confidential issues that were raised with us this morning at our monthly ward surgery at the Methodist Church Hall in The Hollow were

1. Whiteway Road - when is the promised pedestrian crossing as part of the Jubillee redevelopment going to be put in - ANSWER - there are major road works planned for this part of Whiteway Road during the year and it has been decided that to put in the crossing just before this work would not be a good use of money. The crossing will be implemented as part of the larger scheme.

2. Lidl - when is it coming? ANSWER - there is a planning permission for this scheme and it is not being held up by the Council. The two landowners who own the site have not yet reached agreement. We support the residents in wanting to see the Lidl store open as soon as possible.

3. The exit from the Methodist Church onto The Hollow is dangerous when cars are parked right up to the entrance. ANSWER - we have agreed with the bus team in the Council that the bus stop will be moved slightly forward and marked out. This should greatly improve visibility for most of the time.

4. We have requested that the damaged road sign by the Haycombe Drive Circle of trees is repaired.

5. Roundhill Grove grass verges getting intio a very poor state. We are requesting that some of the bays are relaid with plastic grid grassing - a similar solution to that we have used in Hatcombe Drive.

NEXT Surgery Saturday 2 March from 10am till Midday

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