Sunday, 27 January 2013

Recycle collections and black plastic

Green Box - dry recyclables

Please Note:- We have never accepted black plastics through the green box. Our publicity has always stated this, but what appears to have been happening is that some of the crews have been taking it when it has mistakenly been put out. If this has happened, the black plastic has been disposed of as contamination further down the line (i.e. sent to landfill). We have been working with the crews to stop them taking it in the first place, so some residents are thinking that we have changed our service – we haven't. We don't have a market for black plastics. It can't be recycled. It constitutes a contaminant when it gets to the re-processers and gets rejected there. We are making this clear in all of our publicity material. Of course the best route of action is to avoid products packaged in black plastic!
The reason black plastic cannot be recycled is that at the sorting centres the type of plastic is identified by a laser beam. As black plastic completely absorbs the beam the type of material is not identified and sorted.

Good news on small electrical items

 Door step collections of small WEEE (waste electronic and electrical equipment) items are starting soon and can be put out along with other recycling material.

Call to  action

If each household put out just 100grams less waste on their black bag each week we would be in the top 10 lowest of all authorities in the country for the volume per head of population for the amount of waste that we send to landfill. Please try to recycle as much of your weekly waste as you can.

If you need bins or equipment please contact either Paul or Dine

Information on our recycling.

Recycling & recovery end use register 2011/12
In 2011/12, over 45,000 tonnes of Bath & North East Somerset residents waste was reused and
All of the material shown in this register is collected by Bath & North East Somerset Council and
genuinely sent for reuse,recycling, or recovery.
All the material collected for reuse and recycling is sent for recycling within the UK where possible,
however, due to demand or market availability, it is sometimes necessary to export some materials
overseas. The percentage of materials exported for recycling and reuse 2011/12 was 2%.
In total we exported just over 9% of the 45,000 tonnes diverted away from landfill. The majority of
this exported waste has been removed from residents' weekly bin waste at a facility in Avonmouth.
We sent 9,100 tonnes of waste to this facility in 2011/12, and after all the recyclable and
compostable waste has been taken out, the rest is exported for use in energy recovery.

New for 2011/12 is data on the carbon impact of all the waste we divert away from landfill.
This new data does not represent a detailed carbon impact assessment for waste management in
Bath & North East Somerset being based on national average greenhouse gas factors for CO2 (kg
CO2/tonne savings versus landfill) for England provided by the Waste and Resources Action
Programme (WRAP).
These national factors are not calculated from detailed life cycle analysis and do not take into
account different collection methods, treatment processes or transport.
In 2011/12, over 28,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in emissions were avoided as a result of efforts
made by residents of Bath & North East Somerset residents in diverting waste from landfill.

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