Saturday, 1 January 2011

Roundhill Grove

A few weeks ago we called round on every house in Roundhill Grove and delivered a letter with some ideas for easing the parking problems of the Grove. Where people were in we also had lengthy conversations about the issue.  So far we have had 6 mails supporting a plastic grid approach and of these 2 supported more white lines, 2 were against and 2 favoured a more selective approach to white lines.
We have had 2 phone calls in favour
we have had one letter which was broadly against a plastic grid system.
When we delivered the letter we also also called on every house and talked to about 16 houses of which all except one were in favour of a plastic grid solution.

So from 25 houses we have 22 in favour and 3 against a plastic grass grid approach.
This parking solution has proved very popular in Haycombe Drive as it improves the look of the verges and recognises the difficulties of parking.
We have had a few comments back relating the problems to the success of the Bath Spa training links with the local schools.

We currently have one household to call back on who asked us back for further discussions. When we have done this during January we will report back to every house with an outline of the responses.

We  include two annominised comments back which are fairly typical of the thoughtful responses on this subject - one for and one against.


"As a resident of Roundhill Grove, I wanted to get in touch regarding the issue of parking on the road you raised in your letter dated 23 November.

We have a driveway, but the entrance is never blocked by parked cars (because of our position on the road, cars tend to park on the other side of the road opposite our house) so I'm not sure white lines on the road would do anything to help in our case. It might be more of a problem for residents elsewhere on the street, however. That said, I do think extra white lines would be useful on the T-junction between the Circle and Roundhill Grove – cars are frequently parked on the corner, much closer to the junction than permitted by the highway code, and it does make the turning much more dangerous than it should be.

Regarding parking on the grass verges, however, I think that the plastic grid system you suggest seems like a great idea. In an ideal world the grass verge in front of our house would not be used for parking – for one thing, a car parked there makes it much more difficult to get our car in and out of our drive, as it severely reduces visibility – but there are now so many cars parked on Roundhill Grove that it's clear that residents need all the parking spaces we can get. Also, unless there were regular parking "patrols" (which is probably not realistic, particularly at night when the road is busiest) I don't think you'd stop people parking there anyway, so we might as well accept that it's going to happen and introduce the plastic grid system so that verges don't get churned up."


"I have very strong views on the proposed introduction of grids on the grass. The reason the verges are there are to make the locality look aesthetically pleasing. Introducing parking onto the verges will make our end of the street look like the South Eastern end, which has already had these added. This end has cars, vans and camper-vans parked all over the place and looks a shambles.

There is plenty of space around Roundhill Grove, people just need to look around and park appropriately.
Please don’t  ruin the few areas of green we have up there."

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