Saturday, 28 January 2017

Planning Applications

Two this week. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about either of them or indeed any planning matter.

Ward: Southdown App Ref: 16/06202/FUL
Parish: N/A
Registered: 23rd January 2017 Expiry Date: 20th March 2017
Location: 94 Mount Road Southdown Bath BA2 1LN
Grid Ref: (E)372528 - (N)163674 LB Grade: N/A
Proposal: Conversion of existing shop to one bedroom apartment.
Ward: Southdown App Ref: 17/00123/FUL
Parish: N/A
Registered: 18th January 2017 Expiry Date: 15th March 2017
Location: 61 The Hollow Southdown Bath Bath And North East Somerset BA2 1NE
Grid Ref: (E)372778 - (N)164049 LB Grade: N/A
Proposal: Erection of a single storey side extension

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Roundhill Primary

Working with Roundhill Primary we are using some of our Councillor Ward fund to clean, spruce up and repaint the railings around the school playing field. We have commissioned the Community Payback scheme to do the work. Community Payback is for Justice of the Peace to be able to give a person found guilty of a minor offence the ability to do some work in the community rather than face a fine or other sentence.
The project for the railings will take about 10 Sundays and started today.

Blagdon Park

over the last few weeks we have had several emails and phone calls about the increasing parking at the junction with Haycombe Drive and the obstructing of views and hence an increase in traffic danger.
We have written to Highways and asked them to look at putting some yellow lines at the corners to increase visibility.

This morning we also reported the two fly tips in Blagdon and have asked for them to be cleared away. We also reported the overflowing bin at the community centre end of the street and have asked for it to be emptied.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

New Years Resolution

We have been a bit lax in keeping this blog updated. Over the last few months we have been concentrating more on Facebook pages @CllrDineRomero and @CllrPaulCrossley.
We will endeavour to keep this updated on a regular basis in the New Year.
In the meantime wishing you lots a great New Years Eve and a successful year.

Planning applications

Latest planning application in Southdown.
Ward: Southdown App Ref: 16/05864/FUL 
Parish: N/A
Registered: 20th December 2016 Expiry Date: 14th February 2017
Location: The Co-operative 112 Mount Road Southdown Bath BA2 1LN
Grid Ref: (E)372509 - (N)163740 LB Grade: N/A 
Proposal: Installation of new refrigeration plant, raised concrete hardstanding, palisade fencing, louvre removal and reconfigured warehouse access
Officer: Martin Almond

Any questions please feel free to contact us.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Devolution and new Avon Metro Mayor

The Conservative Cabinet of the Council has been in negotiations with government over devolution deals. There are many good elements to the devolution deal however as currently legislated it requires us to accept an elected mayor of Avon to rule over this partnership.

Since the dissolution of Avon our area has thrived because it is no longer shackelled. Just the election of a Mayor would cost taxpayers £1M and we estimate that the office would cost a further £1m a year to run. Indeed we have only recently rejected the idea of an elected Mayor in B&NES.

It is not just that new powers are controlled by the new mayor but all future devolution of powers will be controlled by the Mayor.

We think this is something that should be countenanced. We agree with devolution but not being controlled by a single elected mayor.

However our main concern is that so few residents know about this consultation. Please give your views by one of the following methods.

·         Online:
·         Paper copies of the survey will be available from local libraries, Customer Service Points and One Stop Shops from 14 July – or by calling 0117 922 2848.
·         Other formats such as braille are also available by calling 0117 922 2848.
·         An audio version is available now on the website above.

Possible pedestrian crossing in Southdown Road

On a fairly regular basis we get asked to review the need for a pedestrian crossing in Southdown Road. We asked Highways to look at the proposal and do some data collection on the actually pedestrian flows in the area of the convenience store.
The figures showed that the numbers did not meet the thresholds for a crossing to be put in. We also met with Highways on site to see if any other options or ideas were possible. We also had feedback from some residents around the shop area Ho were concerned about the impact a crossing would have.
In the end we reached the conclusion not to proceed to a consultation on changes to the road and so the matter is dropped again for the time being.

However we have had a commitment that we will have some extra speed roundals painted in the road in the store area of the road.