Saturday, 30 January 2016

Englishcombe Rise

We called on all the houses in Englishcombe Rise and also Haycombe Lane this week. Lots of issues raised over transport and the junction with Whiteway Road. We will put some of the suggestions raised with us to Highways. Also complaints about cars parking on the pavement in such a way as to force pedestrians onto the road. We are also taking this up with then police. Several complaints about the green box collection as part of the fallout of the industrial dispute - but also complaints about the way boxes were not being returned to properties by the crew.
We also discussed the two referendums this year. No one is enthusiastic about having a Mayor but on Europe from the small sample of this road that expressed a view  the winner was Leave. Lots of work then for those of us who want to win the vote to stay in.
People pleased with the new bus shelter at the top of The Holow. And delighted that it is facing the correct way to give protection from the prevailiong wind. We are sorry the installation tookm longer than it should but this was caused by major electrical cables underground not being in the spot they were marked as being.

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