Thursday, 15 October 2015

Traffic issues around Southdown

We met with a highways engineer this week and visited a number of siites to discuss problems.  

Roundhill Park - we have had a request for more disabled parking bays and we looked at these and discussed options.
Mount Road shopping area - the bus stop on the house side of the road has been improved and we have had requests for the stop on the shop side to be improved - this is being looked into.
Gutters and weeds - we highlighted several roads were the gutters are getting full of weeds and have asked for some attention to this problem.  Blackmore Drive and others.
Alderley Road - we looked at the bush blocking views on exit and indeed test drove it to highlight the issue to the engineer. We are hopeful that this will be sorted swiftly.  
Haycombe Cemetry-The Hollow bus stop - A new bus stop was scheduled fot this location but in fitting it some unforseen electricalm problems arose. As soon as this is sorted the bus shelter will be installed. It will also be installed with the elctronic bus information. We are working with highways to ensure the operator fits their fleet with the equipment so that it provides useful information.
We have also stressed the need for the shelter to be positioned correctly so as to provide prtection from the wind. We are looking to get a grid grass solution to the problem of the grass verge in The Circle.
Blagdon Park - we discussed the need to provide a separate parking bay for Doctors and ambulances to avoid the road being blocked as it reguklarly is at present. A possible solution is to use the curved part of the road by the community centre.

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