Friday, 11 July 2014

The Circle

Resident Letter following door knocking earlier this week

Dear Resident

Last week when the 3 of us called round on residents in The Circle we had some very good conversations with those who were in and left a calling card when there was no response at the door.

The main are of concern was the poor state of the road around and the grass on the circle itself. Over the last few years we have discussed a number of different options with residents and our highways team. We seem to have found a way forward. Which is to decrease the top curve of the circle, replace the kerb stones to around this and repair the damaged road. Please would you let us know what your thoughts are on this?

Several residents wanted to get involved in "good neighbour" activities such as the snow warden scheme that the council has run in other areas in Bath. Please let us know if you are also interested in learning more about this. 
Another issue that was raised was the poor state of the wall further down Southdown Avenue. We have asked Curo, who we think own the wall, to repair the wall and make it safe.  

Thank you for the several kind comments we got about keeping Culverhay open and seeing its dramatic transformation into a genuine co-ed school to serve our community. You were also pleased that the Liberal Democrat Council has not raised Council Tax for three years and is set to freeze it again next year and also that we have retained the weekly blag bag collection whilst most surrounding councils have gone to fortnightly collection. A few residents complained about seagulls and this spring we have taken a number of actions to reduce the nuisance from these birds. This has meant there is less waste around and also we have been successful in reducing the number of eggs that hatch.

Also some of you will have met Steve Bradley for the first time with us when we called round. As you know Don Foster has decided to retire from politics next year and locally we have selected Steve as our candidate to follow in Don’s footsteps. Please feel free to contact Steve if you have any questions about National politics and how those decisions impact us locally. Please feel free to contact Dine or Paul on local and Council issues.

Yours sincerely

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