Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Blackmore Drive

We met with several residents on Monday morning as we called round on Blackmore Drive.
Several issues were raised
1. Bin men not sweeping up after split backs on the waste and recycling collections. - This is a frequent complaint and we have raised this matter again with waste services. Two years ago The Liberal Democrat group on the Council tried to amend the budget to increase the amount of money spent on waste and street cleaning and to reduce spending elsewhere to compensate. The other groups on the Council rejected this amendment.
2. No 12 bus service - Faresavers - the first bus of the day and a few services in the late afternoon are being taken off. We have supported Faresaver in their endeavours to make this service pay and the reduction of a few journeys a day is something we support if it enables Faresaver to keep the route running. we have seen the average passenger trips for the journeys being taken off and they do justify Faresaver's decision. We will raise the issue of problems on the route that were highlighted to us with the Highways section and Faresaver.
3. The pathways from Lyemore Ave to the garages and along the back of Blackmore Drive are littered and the verges are overgrowing. We have reported this problem to waste services and to parks to be resolved.
4. Christmas Ice Rink - we were asked if Bath was ever going to get another Christmas Ice Rink after the event a few years back in Queen's Square. It is our belief that a planning application will shortly be submitted for a Christmas Ice rink in December 2011. We will put a blog posting up when the application is in for consideration.
5. The lack of grit bins and winter grit. Dine Romero has been trying to persuade the Council to invest in grit bins so that communities can clear their residential streets in times of bad weather. We will be making a statement to Full Council on the need to change the policy on gritting next week.
6. The gulley's are not being swept. We will investigate as to when the next manual sweeper visit is due and try to ensure that the gullies are cleared of all detritus.
7. The pavement surfaces are in poor repair. On our next meeting with Highways we will ask for them to evaluate the pavement with a view to having a new skim recovering.

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